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The Complete True Healing Conference Digital Download Package

Contains 13 Speaker Presentations, an interactive Workshop and 3 Free Bonus Items. Over 15 hours of educational insights and resources provided by leading experts and live audience interactions.

A new generation of healers has replaced the allopathic western model of toxic treatments and pharmaceuticals. The vanguard educators of a new paradigm of Healing Arts & Sciences will present their valuable work in a language that is accessible but uncompromised, bringing you the real science and not watering it down.

This vital information will give you the knowledge to restore and maintain your health using only nature and your own actions.

The future of health is ours to manifest through nature’s gift of True Healing.

Joins us to learn about the healing power of water, the human biofield, cymatics, orgone energy, holographic blood, bio-photons, and the inherent healing forces of life.

Our mission is to bring a new understanding of healing that is rooted in the natural biology of our bodies. We want to inspire you to learn the power of natural healing through consciousness and knowledge. We stand in solidarity to celebrate life and world peace. Together we light the way to a new era of health freedom.


Your True Healing Conference Day 01 Line-Up.

Day 01 - True Healing Starts Now!

Andrew Kaufman, M.D.
Dr. Andy's 30-Day Triple Purification Experience

David Icke
“The Body Has A Cycle - We Have Eternity” with Live Q&A!

Kelly Brogan, M.D.
Own Your Self: Get Real, Get Well, and Get Free

Sally Fallon Morell
Nourishing Traditional Diets for Protection Against Disease

James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Cosmic Life Energy, Water and Health-Verifications of W. Reich’s Breakthrough Discovery

Josh & Adam Bigelsen
Holographic Blood®: 40 years of utilizing the Terrain Paradigm: Messages in the Blood


Your True Healing Conference Day 02 Line-Up.

Day 02 - The New Biology is Here!

Veda Austin
The Secret Intelligence of Water

John Stuart Reid
The Sound of Music: Medicine of the Future

Dolf Zantinge
The Role And Impact Of Water In Our Biological Systems

Tom Cowan, M.D.
The New Biology - "Science" Has Failed Us

Eileen McKusick
Electric Body, Electric Health

Manel Ballester-Rodes, M.D.
The Double Helix Heart: Anatomy, Function and Clinical Implications

Stefan Lanka, Ph.D.
The History of Science and Virology

Conclusion: Thank You!
Hosted By Tom Cowan, M.D. & Andrew Kaufman M.D.

Running Time:
Video Format: .MP4 | HD 1080p


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