Tom Cowan, M.D. Presentation | True Healing Conference: The New Biology

The New Biology - "Science" Has Failed Us

A True Healing Presentation by Tom Cowan, M.D.

Dr. Tom Cowan will present The New Biology and explain why "science" has failed us. The reason for this failure is almost never discussed in any journals, by the media, or within the hallowed halls where this "science" is done. The failure stems from "science's" acceptance of concepts that, upon examination, turn out to be fundamentally inaccurate. While the world is in need of many changes right now, one of the most fundamental is the need for a new science. We need a new understanding of biology, life and, therefore, medicine.

Tom's hope is that this conference will set the stage for understanding the tenets of this new science of life, a science that is imperative if humans are ever to be free spiritual beings, which is our birthright.

Running Time: 1:10:55
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